About Us

We, IT Pharma Asia Co., LTD located at South Korea are a joint-venture company with IT Pharma S.L ,who are Spanish Private Equity company with more than 30 years of experience within the phytotherapy, and 6 years ago we realized new and changing aesthetical needs which lead us to implement all that knowledge offering a whole set of aesthetic solutions.

IT Pharma Asia Co., LTD Researches, Develops, Innovates and Manufactures products and devices for professionals working in the aesthetic medicine and physiotherapy fields, in order to reach that target market we work worldwide with a group of exclusive importers and distributors carrying out all the commercial tasks both national and internationally.


Our company's philosophy is based on pharmaceutical concepts, which we apply to research and develop outstanding cosmetic products. Taking advantage of the group synergies we also innovate and create new formulas for biotechnological products.

The close cooperation between universities and research institutions provides and guarantees full access to the latest innovations within the cosmetic world and the start up of likewise innovative projects.

We manufacture abiding pharmaceutical standards using 100% sterile lab's rooms and providing the water the proper sterilization treatments to guarantee the quality of the products.

The main ingredients come from vegetables and their most accurate organic farming. Others, like seawater ingredients or growth factors come from biotechnological procedures providing IT Pharma Asia Co., LTD the added valued differentiating in regards to other companies within the industry.


IT Pharma Asia Co., LTD strongly believes the beauty secret relies on the prevention as a mandatory action for both women and men around the world recognize their deeper aspirations and express to the maximum their unique personalities. Given that, we proudly work every day to …

  • To ensure painless and extremely efficient cosmetic treatments aimed to prevent from natural aging as well as all those skin issues.
  • To place within the market the best cosmetic ingredients trough the very effective cosmetic solutions.
  • To provide verified results backed up by scientific researches and publications about the ingredients used and therefore our products.
  • To offer alternatives to those antique and invasive techniques trough advanced systems having always in mind the full satisfaction of our clients.
  • To set the new paths whenever it comes to research, development and innovation within the cosmetic industry.

R + D + i

Today the Research within the cosmetic field, then its Development and the continuously Innovation set the strategy of any company willing to stay, to be found and endure in such a dynamic industry totally devoted to the beauty as it happens with the cosmetic industry.

At IT Pharma the research department works daily in cooperation with the most prestigious Spanish Universities and their Research & Development departments. Given that and the recent integration to the new facilities at the Parque Tecnológico de la Salud en Granada guarantee top quality products and therefore giving our clients a high confidence. In addition, the Innovation processes are always guarantee trough regular market scanning indentifying new trends, ingredients and opportunities aimed to differentiate us.


The recent collaboration agreement reached with the Granada University give us the chance of being pioneers within the aesthetical industry since we could offer cosmetic products with pharmaceutical quality.

The Parque Tecnológico de Ciencias de la is a reference space optimized for the creation, implementation and expansion of our corporate strategy which let us transform years of experience within the market and knowledge into economic and social development and being more specific within the stakeholders of industries such as the Bio-Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Bio-Sanitary. Based on that we become the first company in Asia and probably one of the few in the world specialized in pharmaceutical cosmetics.